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 Audax Transalpino Edition Chrono 2024 entries are closed.

If you registred dont forget:

  • Check your Vespa Club inscription.
  • Check your MOTORNEXT card is on or verify your Assurance If you dont have MOTORNEXT card ask to your Vespa Club.

Verify your Vespa before Audax Edition CHRONO:

  • La Vespa have you done the regular technical control?
  • Are the tires too worn?
  • Are the lights working?
  • What about the insurance? Does it expire at the end of July?
  • We would recommend a nice general check: control cables, brakes, clutch…
  • And remember that the difference in altitude that you have to face reaches over 2,500 m above sea level! Your Vespa and your clothing must take this into account!