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What is an Audax Vespistico?

Nomaly, especially the Audax Transalpino, it is a cross-country event , read long-distance, where the participants are engaged in a route described by a road book but obliged to observe an average that, while respecting the rules of the traffic laws, is difficult to respect.

Participating in an Audax Transalpino means loving riding and your Vespa, but also putting yourself to the test. comforted by the certainty that the roads and views will be unique.

But what if we added the originality of crossing a border to these common qualities?

And what if, not content with internationality, we wanted to add the exclusivity of overcoming some of the highest mountains in Europe?

We are also looking forward to riding on the roads that are among the most important stages of one of the most prestigious events in international cycling: the Tour de France.

If we then add the famous 'icing on the cake' of sharing with fellow Vespisti,, then, and only then, do we begin to get closer to what an Audax Transalpino is.

AUdax Transalpino Vespa Club Torino